Monday, 17 March 2014

The Proposal

A few weeks before his arrival, my a-romantic man asked if I can spare a slot during his 3 days trip in KL, so he can propose to me.
I was like *doink*,  shouldn't this be a surprise?!
But here you go, my super boyfriend, naturally cute like this, not really an expert in surprise making.

He promise to improve, which is quiet comforting for me to look forward in the future.

Highlight of that night:

Despite knowing that it's going to be the proposal night, and have to pretend that I do not know anything about it, which is taking quite a bit of the acting part of me, I wanted him to dress in a nicer pair of jeans, since this is will be a special occasion, but he insisted to wear the pants with the weirdest length. (I now declare I hate that pants, please do not wear it anymore! I will buy you new pants.) He even yell at his mum, for fear that the mum is making his big plan *kantoi* He is cutely ngong like that, oh my boy...

Well I was expecting a proposal but seriously I have no idea what's going to happen. I know Rachel and my sisters are involved, but that's all. I was truly shock when I see the KY crowds all around...but prior to that, WenJie is too obvious to be notice with that fedora and the guitar, blame your height, I guess you must.

The song he made, which he later admit was too much of a canto pop...actually makes me tear abit in the video if you could notice. The lyric is so 1970s, but ya...I think it was the verse that touch me. Maybe you should retouch the song a little bit more.

I know I couldn't ask for more, I know it's the heart and the efforts that count, I want to give thanks for trying, please don't give up and keep surprising me.

I want to give thanks to my sisters, and everyone who came to witness this special moment, Evie for capturing this video and the rapid post production, Michelle and Becky for the DSLR pro shots. Thanks for all the sweet memory!

We promise to learn and improve and strive on this happy journey.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Is that rain?

6.30pm 13th March, 2014

Finally it rains, after 2X days.
Must be the prayer we made yesterday at CG.
Must have been my rain dance, though I was just doing Jung Dayeon.

I thank God nevertheless, for at least one good news to quench the thirst of Malaysian hope.
I thank God for washing the haze away for my baby and le future mother in law to come.

It's her first visit here, I hope everything went fine.

I wish her safe flight, sound sleep..
I wish her health.

May God bless this great lady.


Monday, 10 March 2014




I am not Mad

I appreciate your effort to reply =) a comment to show your care.
So if you really care to read, you will, after all this is not a task...
I just thought this is a sweet thing to have between us.
If life caught you too busy, I would love to believe that
it's the wedding that kept your hand tight.
it's ok, if you don't read, don't have time to read or etc...
I rather know the truth than sweet lies

Actually it's not OK, you have to attentively read, and
know what is happening in me and my life, and my mind.
unless you don't care...or you think this is just another brainless thing I do.
So when I talk to you, I know you care about me and care about what is happening
Sometime we are both too caught up with things in life, I might not have all day with you
to tell you about how I feel, and what has happen, same goes to you,

So these here, too serve the same function,
I always long for some deeper conversation.
Spending years together shouldn't be just about, what did you eat today?

I want to know you more...always
and hope you can help me to know myself better too...
besides what have make my stomach fill today...
It could be more, it could be deeper...

Saturday, 8 March 2014




处理手法十分差劲,我在想他们要是有点同理心,能为家属们设身处地的着想, 也该理解家属这刻的心情是多么恐惧,活在未知的那种焦虑分秒侵蚀着他们,马航是没脑袋的吗?!


Friday, 7 March 2014

Planning for the rest of the week

Friday- SSM // Bangsar Lunch // Poslaju // Squat // Jung DaYeon (arm)
Saturday- Gown shopping with Val // Band Practice
Sunday- Church // Latte Place

Pretty much that's it.
You too have a great weekend.

Gambateh ne,

Week ??

Well someone has been taking this blog quite lightly recently.
I could tell why, as someone has been busy managing his money making post on FB.

Baby, I know it has been hard to say good bye to some of your once hopeful piece of instrument,
I know it has been time and energy consuming to sort out the store room and get all the junk out and sell it off.
But it will be all worth while whenever I hear from you that another piece is sold.
I know you have been doing all these for the wedding expenses.
Thank you baby, for all the hard work.
Keep it up.

One day we will get all the instrument back, ok?
When we have our own place, I will spare you a home studio, ok?


Love you aLways,

Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st Day of March

Hi 2014, it's been real quick, you are now 58 days old.
Well on this beginning of March, as a great commencement,
I want to thank the Lord for giving my baby an opportunity to serve you as a worship leader.
Being a musician, he has always ready to dedicate his time and talent for you Lord.
May he grow faithfully in the position and serve humbly as Your servant,
Lord, please grant him great favour from all the member of the team, and wisdom as he leads them.
I pray for him a heart of love and patience, a heart of worship and praise.
As we serve we pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us, guide us in situations.
God, our almighty God, thank you for everything you gave us.
Precious God, we love you.

In Jesus name,
we pray,