Friday, 28 February 2014

Jung DaYeon

Another round of Jung DaYeon.
A full set, on a guilty night after full moon party over eat, at 11pm

30 good minutes, I have endures.

So tomorrow will be my last day of my 40 days fasting of coffee.
I guess I will still reduce my coffee intake as I am taking it quite well now,
maybe I can cut it down to once a week thing, at max 2 cups on a week.
Seeing I can finish the tea bags over load at home.

Well with ending of one 40days, meaning another great beginning of endurance.
I am still thinking of carb, like rice...or desert...maybe carb...or both.

Well, will be your break free day after tomorrow too.
So you may eat 牛腩 as you like, unless you still want to control it.

How about cutting carb together with me?

aJa aJa Fighting

Weekend Again

It's weekend again, and my baby will usually be super busy around this time of the week.
Now since February seems to be a quiet month, I spend most of my time staying home.
I guess this is how God prepare me to enter into the "wife" stage of life.
Well, I am not sure what is God's plan laying ahead of me, but I am pretty sure, it's got to be the best plan of all.

So Jasmine incident is still revolving in my mind, I pray that God can enlighten me in this matter, dear God, what is the lesson you like me to learn from it, and please grant me wisdom and a spirit of wisdom in handling this issue and dealing with my best friend. God, I do not want to do things that I will regret for the rest of my life, God I want to make you proud on each of my move, let me rely on you, I need you for your comfort and for your help. I pray again for a spirit of wisdom, so it can free me from the resonance of this stories. Free me. In Jesus name I pray.


Tuesday, 25 February 2014



宝贝,生活每一天都充满挑战,just like a hurdling run, 就像跳栏杆赛跑一样。


提 摩 太 後 書 1:7

因 為 神 賜 給 我 們 , 不 是 膽 怯 的 心 , 乃 是 剛 強 、 仁 愛 、 謹 守 的 心 
Plan of this week. 24Feb- 2Mac


Monday- 郑多燕 20分钟
Tuesday- 11am-5.30pm 工作-9pm 羽球 1个小时
Wednesday- 游泳10 laps + 郑多燕 (maybe), 晚上培灵会 -突然有工开11-12.30pm,顺道去一下SSM
Thursday- Meeting with the Bride Becca + Ash for lunch, Jung Da Yeon- full set- 培灵会
Friday- Jung Da Yeon- Full set (finger crossed)- 差点忘记了巧莹宝宝弥月派对 =)
Saturday- Appreciation Lunch/教会慰劳宴- vocal class
Sunday- Church- Lunch? or home? House chores? Bangsar with Zi? 

That's the plan, let's make the full out of it. 

Monday, 24 February 2014






Friday, 21 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014



问了Joey Wan, 那位小姐还是唔忧做得,迟迟不给喔价钱。

还未关电脑,我是说未上床前的那次, 淘了一下, (骗人的)淘宝是个陷阱,
还有在卖,价钱不是很贵-人民币188-298之间。买的过啦。可是还要考虑一下我们要拍的景点,穿这款婚纱合不合适. 给贝贝看看相片。


<3 大Ribbon

淘着淘着发现原来也有卖情侣的主题礼服,宝贝可以看看喜不喜欢,我选了几款心水,只供参考而已。点击这里去淘宝 同样的不懂配不配合拍照景点,最重要是不懂贝贝喜不喜欢,这样的造型。 







etc etc

其实景地也有点头绪了,很想把那也加进来,可是此时竟已凌晨 0623了。



Monday, 17 February 2014

Outing with Mummy- 成功

Thanks to baby, and thanks to this Wedding preparation, I have kinda figure out the way to deal with my mum.
I think I I have hit a great success today.

So I mentioned that I like to bring her to a movie, The Journey, last Friday, but we couldn't make it.
She asked me this morning, let's go watch movie, I bet the movie has got a good review in the pasar too.

We went out for movie, I prepared 2 pieces of cloths, one cape for myself and a piece of AirAsia blanket in a bag. I told her before we hop on the car, that I brought one for her, she replied immediately, 我都唔惊冷。Fine, I keep it to myself, I said, Just incase. I could have just say, don't lie, we know you well enough, 一阵你舞好同我拿。 That would be the usual conversation.

Anyway I am glad that I applied the law of listens fast and speaks slow. At the end, I past her the roll of blanket in the cinema, she took it and use it as a neck rest, then later she lay it open and cover herself as she felt colder.

She even noticed her wiping her tears along the movie. I started to put more notice on her, trying to read her subtext.

I invited her to go check out the Noble House during lunch, if she is not too tired. She went with me, we walk up the staircase, but it was rest time for the restaurant, so we don't get to see the banquet hall that much. I spoke to Peggy Lee, the supervisor. I gave way to mummy before we leave, to ask any questions she is. I think that gesture makes her feel precious.

So, score there again.

We went home, and I offer to help her to cook the 罗汉斋 she planned to cook, but she resist due to tiredness. I felt it's just the right decision to make, cause now I know how to cook this dish, one of my baby's favourable dish, I can make it for him.

I am so happy.

I wish The Journey is still screening when baby gets here, then I can bring you and your mum to watch this very nice local film. and I wish I can find a timeslot to cook for you too.

I Love you, darling, can't wait to see you again.



Sunday, 16 February 2014



吾常言道,恐惧是那些你去面对的未知,只要有勇气去面对,往往问题本来就是 小问题。




Friday, 14 February 2014

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time Bomb for you on this special Valentine's day. <3 

Look at your right =>


今天跳的是这个.中日字幕,郑多燕说的是韩语. 中文排在下面没有厚体看的不是很清楚,所以照着版跳还似模似样的。流了一点儿汗水,少了今天烧肉吃的90分之一吧。至少愧疚可以减少些。

游泳 1-2 天
羽球 1-2 天 (除了周二晚上,也可以考虑教会羽毛球团契在周日,可是一般周日是家庭日。

这样可以省下join gym的钱,还有车油费!

准新娘,aja! aja! Fighting!


寶貝, 對不起…


No Fear

2 Timothy 1:7New King James Version (NKJV)For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


     唔怕蚀底 , 你就赚咗"

This quote was kind of a legacy my dad left to me on my very innocent 纪念册. (Maybe I should really dick that stuff out of don't know which one treasure box of mine) It was during my primary school days that I kept that book.
Yes. It make all sense now, was out with Vivian this afternoon when she express how envy she was that I have a lot of friends, these I must admit, friends of all kind, you can't avoid having rotten apple in the basket full, can you?
For God has not give us a spirit of fear- So my darling, fear not in all our future undertaking, in marriage ( with me the lovely lady,of course), in your career, in money, in health, in baby bearing...and all....
Have faith with Him, for He has given us the Power, the Love and a Sound Mind....We can do all things in Him. 
Thank you papa, 
Fearless Den + Fearless Ken

Yes I bet that's how I was like all these years, Fearless of losing, losing anything in any sense. 

Yes, you bet I was hurt, many times, I was beaten down to the grown, defeated with the cruelness of every mankind. and so you asked, how then you say you gain, how then you become the winner? 

It's all about perspective, you gained things that it's beyond worth, you just don't easily realised it, you gain friendship, you gain true love, you gain wisdom, It's through losing, and fear not of losing, you through know how losing feels like then you feel the gain, the fruit of fearless, which could be as abundance as you will name it

Because why? because for God has given us a spirit of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind.

Thank you Abba Father. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014




Little Prince goes wild at 0400 hour

The night when I let the genius inside my brain, the imagination guy, goes wild-
He runs...
and I can't even catch his tail
I let it be, for he is happy now
He flies...
and I wish I could sit on his wings
like the Pegasus that came to my dream

and then Kate from England said it's four hours, 0400
and then I felt the dandruff on the back of my scalp getting moisture 

How do I tame the genius in my head, 
Can I sing you a lullaby, be a good boy and go get some rest...

Your habitat have a Thursday morning to wake up to...
to respond to the 0830, private alarm clock
to buy Ridsect mosquitos repellent spray for her mummy,
to look fresh even after make up, at work, so the client don't get too worry...too often
to improve her dark circle, so she can be prettier bride in like many days from now...
380 days from now. 

Shall I give you a name, so we can be friend and work well together in the rest of our life?
Little genius = Little Prince
How about that?

Your Habitat  

Monday, 10 February 2014


周一你那里只有摄氏8度 vs KL的34度。


主啊,求你赐福宝贝, 扩张他的境界、常与我们同在、保佑我们不遭患难、不受艰苦。
在工作上使宝贝健健的着从祢以来的力量信心。求主帮助宝贝,让他事业有新的突破,无论是个伯乐,或新机会, 新尝试;虽然我们不知道它会是怎么一回事,但神祢总有祢的时间。



Sunday, 9 February 2014

I heard the budget was alright!!!

So prayer works!
Now I haven't see the excel sheet yet.

Finger crossed that everything important is taken into account.

I am glad that at least you felt released now.

so we are a step ahead, and now that you have 3xK to catch, let's make this our goal and keep it in our prayer.

I hope that you and your mum can really make a trip here. It will definitely uplift how my family feel good about the Lam will loves me as they do.

Grateful for you, your family, my family and friends who love me like a baby.

I will work hard to be everyone Loves DeN. and a Den of Ken.

Miss you baby.

Have a sweet nap?

I failed

And again I failed, I felt so stupid after the call. I failed being capable to make you a happy boyfriend.
I think I just make you more stressful, but all I want is you to be here
and I can cry on your shoulder, instead of crying alone on my bed.


Starting this blog so...

It's 8th Feb 2014. Or to be technical the 9th of February. I started this blog with you as the co author here. I wish we could survive the coming 385days to the BigDay

Baby, that's too many thing that I like to tell you that have to remain in my mind, too many things that stuck over Facetime, and my stupid connection. All I want to do now is just to be with you. I hate distance, I hate that we are again defeated by distance, by technology. I hate that we always have little time to talk when we need it the most. And then time became our distance.

All the time, when I am feeling fragile, whenever I am emotionally weak, I thought, why, why are you not here by side, I picture myself sleeping around your arms, I picture myself embrace in your hug, and then all my problems will be staying far away. That all I need is you.  nothing else but you.

But it seems like the world is against me now. It seems like I am drowning, having a hard time to catch a breath. and then you have to go offline because it's late

That's a symphony playing in my mind, not a calm and peaceful one though...I wish.

I started this blog so... I can rant about things revolving this Project Wedding, I can tell you my mind, when distance being distance, or when time turn into distance I can tell you how much I miss you I can show you my love, the way I love to

and then at least I have a emotional trash hole.

Baby, what happen in this blog stays in this blog.
Add a new post, speak out your mind. Join me, write down your mind, be my co-author of this blog, be my co-author of the rest of my life.

This is unbelievably therapeutic, try it.

Just before I end a bad day with a bad way.

I guess a prayer ending will be perfect.

Dear Lord, my father.
As The Day is drawing nearer, we pray for wisdom in making decision of life, the right decision to not only pleasing ourself, not pleasing our parent's, not for our joy, nor our parent's pride, but to Glory you O, Lord.
We want to see light of you in our marriage, in my life. we want our marriage to be able to manifest your love, your light and your wisdom. We want to live an image of you.  All we want is a simple marriage, but it seems like this wedding is indeed not about us, it's about 2 family, and it involve a lot of kaching kaching $$$.
We believe that God provides, and He provides abundantly. With this, I just like to pray for wisdom for Ken and I to spend on our wedding, the way that God pleased.
Grant us patient is dealing with each other, dealing with family and friends. Grant us love, Dear Lord, we are so poor in love that we thirst for it. God teach me how to love, humbly and unworldly. Teach me how not to put money as a bug that consistently bugging my head, that little devil, in Jesus name I kill you, you satan, the satan of money, the satan of comparison, the satan of conditioned love. In Jesus name, I asked you to leave us forever and never come back.
Lord have mercy on us, that we will have victory over the battle of money and love.

Abba Father, as I pray, I would like to uphold my lover Ken in this prayer, that God you have mercy on your son, you will grant me a new breakthrough in his career, it could be a good mentor, a good opportunity,   a good timing, it could be anything God, we might not know it yet, but God you are the ruler of all things, you have a plan for him, your son. I pray that God, you help him to regain his faith in you, just like how he was when he was a student in The States, like how he used to be. Make him a prayer, have faith in the power of prayer. That he will once again stand up and speak testimony of you.

Dear Lord, help me to become the women who knows how to assist, to support, to love and respect him through thick and thin. Grant me the wisdom to be a godly women, a good women.

Lord Jesus, we are weak, and we are helpless, we need you, O Lord. We thank you for the authority of the sonship and authority to pray. Thank you Lord, In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

The night that we didn't say Goodbye on FT.