Thursday, 13 February 2014

Little Prince goes wild at 0400 hour

The night when I let the genius inside my brain, the imagination guy, goes wild-
He runs...
and I can't even catch his tail
I let it be, for he is happy now
He flies...
and I wish I could sit on his wings
like the Pegasus that came to my dream

and then Kate from England said it's four hours, 0400
and then I felt the dandruff on the back of my scalp getting moisture 

How do I tame the genius in my head, 
Can I sing you a lullaby, be a good boy and go get some rest...

Your habitat have a Thursday morning to wake up to...
to respond to the 0830, private alarm clock
to buy Ridsect mosquitos repellent spray for her mummy,
to look fresh even after make up, at work, so the client don't get too worry...too often
to improve her dark circle, so she can be prettier bride in like many days from now...
380 days from now. 

Shall I give you a name, so we can be friend and work well together in the rest of our life?
Little genius = Little Prince
How about that?

Your Habitat  

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