Monday, 17 February 2014

Outing with Mummy- 成功

Thanks to baby, and thanks to this Wedding preparation, I have kinda figure out the way to deal with my mum.
I think I I have hit a great success today.

So I mentioned that I like to bring her to a movie, The Journey, last Friday, but we couldn't make it.
She asked me this morning, let's go watch movie, I bet the movie has got a good review in the pasar too.

We went out for movie, I prepared 2 pieces of cloths, one cape for myself and a piece of AirAsia blanket in a bag. I told her before we hop on the car, that I brought one for her, she replied immediately, 我都唔惊冷。Fine, I keep it to myself, I said, Just incase. I could have just say, don't lie, we know you well enough, 一阵你舞好同我拿。 That would be the usual conversation.

Anyway I am glad that I applied the law of listens fast and speaks slow. At the end, I past her the roll of blanket in the cinema, she took it and use it as a neck rest, then later she lay it open and cover herself as she felt colder.

She even noticed her wiping her tears along the movie. I started to put more notice on her, trying to read her subtext.

I invited her to go check out the Noble House during lunch, if she is not too tired. She went with me, we walk up the staircase, but it was rest time for the restaurant, so we don't get to see the banquet hall that much. I spoke to Peggy Lee, the supervisor. I gave way to mummy before we leave, to ask any questions she is. I think that gesture makes her feel precious.

So, score there again.

We went home, and I offer to help her to cook the 罗汉斋 she planned to cook, but she resist due to tiredness. I felt it's just the right decision to make, cause now I know how to cook this dish, one of my baby's favourable dish, I can make it for him.

I am so happy.

I wish The Journey is still screening when baby gets here, then I can bring you and your mum to watch this very nice local film. and I wish I can find a timeslot to cook for you too.

I Love you, darling, can't wait to see you again.


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