Friday, 28 February 2014

Weekend Again

It's weekend again, and my baby will usually be super busy around this time of the week.
Now since February seems to be a quiet month, I spend most of my time staying home.
I guess this is how God prepare me to enter into the "wife" stage of life.
Well, I am not sure what is God's plan laying ahead of me, but I am pretty sure, it's got to be the best plan of all.

So Jasmine incident is still revolving in my mind, I pray that God can enlighten me in this matter, dear God, what is the lesson you like me to learn from it, and please grant me wisdom and a spirit of wisdom in handling this issue and dealing with my best friend. God, I do not want to do things that I will regret for the rest of my life, God I want to make you proud on each of my move, let me rely on you, I need you for your comfort and for your help. I pray again for a spirit of wisdom, so it can free me from the resonance of this stories. Free me. In Jesus name I pray.


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