Friday, 28 February 2014

Jung DaYeon

Another round of Jung DaYeon.
A full set, on a guilty night after full moon party over eat, at 11pm

30 good minutes, I have endures.

So tomorrow will be my last day of my 40 days fasting of coffee.
I guess I will still reduce my coffee intake as I am taking it quite well now,
maybe I can cut it down to once a week thing, at max 2 cups on a week.
Seeing I can finish the tea bags over load at home.

Well with ending of one 40days, meaning another great beginning of endurance.
I am still thinking of carb, like rice...or desert...maybe carb...or both.

Well, will be your break free day after tomorrow too.
So you may eat 牛腩 as you like, unless you still want to control it.

How about cutting carb together with me?

aJa aJa Fighting

1 comment:

  1. 知道咯。遵命。食炆餸會增加肌肉痛的呢。