Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Plan of this week. 24Feb- 2Mac


Monday- 郑多燕 20分钟
Tuesday- 11am-5.30pm 工作-9pm 羽球 1个小时
Wednesday- 游泳10 laps + 郑多燕 (maybe), 晚上培灵会 -突然有工开11-12.30pm,顺道去一下SSM
Thursday- Meeting with the Bride Becca + Ash for lunch, Jung Da Yeon- full set- 培灵会
Friday- Jung Da Yeon- Full set (finger crossed)- 差点忘记了巧莹宝宝弥月派对 =)
Saturday- Appreciation Lunch/教会慰劳宴- vocal class
Sunday- Church- Lunch? or home? House chores? Bangsar with Zi? 

That's the plan, let's make the full out of it. 

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