Monday, 10 March 2014

I am not Mad

I appreciate your effort to reply =) a comment to show your care.
So if you really care to read, you will, after all this is not a task...
I just thought this is a sweet thing to have between us.
If life caught you too busy, I would love to believe that
it's the wedding that kept your hand tight.
it's ok, if you don't read, don't have time to read or etc...
I rather know the truth than sweet lies

Actually it's not OK, you have to attentively read, and
know what is happening in me and my life, and my mind.
unless you don't care...or you think this is just another brainless thing I do.
So when I talk to you, I know you care about me and care about what is happening
Sometime we are both too caught up with things in life, I might not have all day with you
to tell you about how I feel, and what has happen, same goes to you,

So these here, too serve the same function,
I always long for some deeper conversation.
Spending years together shouldn't be just about, what did you eat today?

I want to know you more...always
and hope you can help me to know myself better too...
besides what have make my stomach fill today...
It could be more, it could be deeper...

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